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5 Tips for healthy eating
Though exercises are useful, one key element often missing in the production of a truly healthy body is the diet that comes before and after the exercises. Choosing the right foods to eat is important in everyday life, and can have a great effect on …
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Give it a Whirl healthy eating class in Bridgewater
The last in a series of “Healthy Eating in a Flash Workshops,” Family and Community Health Sciences, a part of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, is presenting two Food Processor and Blender classes at the 4-H Center on Tuesday, Nov. 18. Join Daryl Minch …
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Eat Healthy Meals with the "Never Two in a Row" Plan
Remember, you can still get delicious food while eating healthy. It's a simple matter of choices. For example, vacations are a great time to explore local cuisine, and most cuisines have healthy dishes too, especially when it comes to what the natives …
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Diet may influence ovarian cancer survival
A healthy diet before diagnosis may indicate a stronger immune system and, indirectly, the capacity to respond favorably to cancer therapy, said lead author Cynthia A. Thomson of Health Promotion Sciences at the Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention and …
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Fresh Summit Sensory Experience Contest puts spotlight on healthy eating for kids
Students from the Walker Junior High School in LA Palma, CA, will tackle healthy eating on Friday, Oct. 17 when they put 10 produce-centric recipes to the test at the fourth annual PMA Fresh Summit Sensory Experience Contest. The contest, sponsored by …
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Prizes for primary children who eat most fruit and veg make them healthier

Prizes for primary children who eat most fruit and veg make them healthier
Poor nutrition is a primary cause behind the rising cost of health care in many developed countries. Although pupils have good knowledge of what is healthy and what is not, that does not always translate into necessarily choosing to eat fruit and …
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Kids Whose Parents Went To College Eat Healthier, Study Finds
A new study by University of British Columbia published in the Public Health Nutrition journal has found that children's healthy appetite depends on the level of education of their parents. The study states that children of college-educated parents eat …
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Doctors' Notes: What the food experts eat, and what they skip
Today the Star's Life section launches Doctors' Notes, a weekly column in partnership with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Local health-care professionals will offer their views and advice on timely health issues that affect us all …
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EXCHANGE: Teen ridding herself of junk food habit
"That was in 2002, and I decided to start making better decisions about my nutrition." Improved diet and exercise took Kelli, 38, to the other end of the health spectrum. By 2007, she was competing in women's bodybuilding on a national level. For the …

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5 Surprising Reasons Your Weight Has Plateaued
“My advice is to budget planned indulgences—like 100 calories of chocolate a day or a moderate, yet indulgent dinner out on a Saturday night—into an otherwise healthy diet,” says Christie Miller, certified personal trainer/fitness nutrition …
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A Healthy Yet Tasty Approach To Gluten Free Living
MIAMI, Fla., Oct. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – The Fresh Diet, America's #1 meal delivery company is rolling out their new gluten free meal plan. Now customers can enjoy chef prepared gluten free meals right at their doorstep. Talk about …
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King Kullen Prepares for Fall Season

(PRWEB) October 02, 2014

The leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler; its time for fall! This season, be sure to make good, healthy decisions on what to eat. King Kullen offers the freshest produce, tons of baking and cooking ideas and more to help customers enjoy the season.

When one thinks of fall, the first food that comes to mind is apples. Apples are packed with tons of great nutrients and vitamins, which make them a staple for anyones autumn diet. With a NuVal score of 96, apples are an excellent nutritious choice. For those who arent familiar with NuVal, it is a nutritional scoring system that scores food from 1-100 on the basis of nutrition; the higher the score, the better the nutrition.

The NuVal system is easy-to-use and a great way to help families make good, healthy choices, said Michele Tonner, King Kullens nutritionist. Fall is a season of change, which means its the perfect time for you and your family to make a positive change in your daily life to improve your diet, and King Kullen can help.

King Kullen is the only grocery store on Long Island offering NuVal scores to its customers, and the scores are available for free on the shelf tags of thousands of items throughout King Kullen.

Dont have time to make a trip to the orchard this year? Try apple picking at the local grocery store instead. Director of Produce and Floral Rich Conger notes that King Kullen has a robust variety of apples in store, with assorted taste profiles to satisfy each member of your family. Conger recommends Honeycrisp apples. They are an exceptionally sweet apple with a great crunch. Their popularity has grown significantly over the last few harvest seasons.

Apples are perfect for healthy snacks or a great ingredient for pies, cakes and cookies. Baked goods can contain healthful ingredients while maintaining superior taste, said Sue Brooks, King Kullens Director of Bakery and Frozen Foods. If you choose to substitute recipes with healthier options, you can end up with a delicious result that not only tastes great but is good for you too!

This recipe for strawberry ghosts can be easily changed by substituting yogurt for chocolate: Try making these crunchy apple chips for a snack that packs tons of flavor into a crispy bite: Visit King Kullens Halloween Board on Pinterest for more fun recipe ideas:

While many consider it a vegetable, pumpkins are another popular fall fruit. Pumpkins have no saturated fats or cholesterol, and are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins.

It seems like pumpkin is everywhere during the fall, and its no wonder! Pumpkin makes a delicious addition to cookies, breads and other baked goods. They also add a warm flavor to homemade, pumpkin-spiced lattes.

We offer our customers fresh pumpkins throughout the fall, said Conger. Whether youre using them for baking or for carving, youll surely find a great, locally-grown pumpkin at King Kullen.

Fall is also the perfect time for enjoying some autumn-themed crafts with the kids. With a little creativity, its easy to find fun, simple and inexpensive crafts for kids using items that can easily be found around the house.

Pinterest is a great resource for those looking to get a little crafty this season, said Tracey Cullen, Director of Pricing and Social Media. We love to find, and test, interesting-looking activities and share them with our customers.

Try this craft using paint, paper and a childrens handprint: A toilet paper roll can even make the perfect shape for a pumpkin:

This season, try something new! Whether its a new recipe, craft or fun activity, its sure to be enjoyable. Stop in to any of King Kullens 39 locations for more fun fall information and find everything needed to make this season special.

<br>About the company:<br>Headquartered in Bethpage, New York, King Kullen Grocery Co., Inc. is recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as Americas first supermarket. Michael J. Cullen opened the doors of King Kullen in 1930. Today, four generations later, King Kullen is still family-owned and operated. It remains a leader in the supermarket industry. From that very first store in 1930, King Kullen today operates 39 supermarkets and five Wild by Nature stores across Long Island. In addition to traditional grocery, King Kullen features a large catering and prepared foods department, freshly-baked breads and sweets, and healthy and organic areas, with pharmacies in many stores as well.

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Count cups, not calories, on the road to health

ST. PAUL, Minn. (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Its time to cut the crap- skip the fads, count the cups and drop the fat. The research is clear. Americans consider obesity a more serious societal issue than cigarettes and alcohol. However, a recent Gallup poll found that their desire to shed pounds significantly outweighs their efforts to do so.

So, why this disconnect? Dr. Nick Meyer, author of “The ProportionFit Diet,” says gimmicky diets that promote extreme measures are one reason people are too intimidated to try and change their lives.

These fad diets arent successful because they focus solely on deprivation, Meyer said. Gaining control of your waistline isnt about completely cutting out important food groups; its as simple as understanding the food you eat.

By boiling down the hype and concentrating on facts that matter, Meyer helps readers of all ages form a healthy approach with his new guide, The ProportionFit Diet: Count Cups, Not Calories.

Meyer brings decades of medical experience to the book, which teaches readers the effective ProportionFit lifestyle as well as important facts about nutrition, fitness and potential diet pitfalls.

The ProportionFit Diet is a simple and realistic plan that is built on understanding portion control and how it impacts weight management, Meyer said. This isnt about a special pill or extravagant meal plans- its about becoming healthier without turning your lifestyle, budget or sanity upside down.

For more information, visit

The ProportionFit Diet: Count Cups, Not Calories

By Dr. Nick Meyer

ISBN: 9781483402994

Available in paperback and e-book formats (Nook and Kindle)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apples iBookstore and Lulu

About the author

Dr. Nick Meyer is an orthopaedic surgeon, inventor, ex-Division I athlete and author of several studies and publications. He is a partner with St. Croix Orthopaedics and president of Precise Medical Technologies. He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota, with his wife, Karen, and his daughters Ellie, Sonia and Nina

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