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Mickey Rourke reveals weight loss and seriously eye-catching sportswear
Rourke has recently lost weight to play 40-year-old Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas in a biopic set to be titled The Welshman. The Hollywood star revealed he's written the script for the project, which will center on the life of the first openly gay …
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More prospective weight-loss patients eligible under new guidelines
Bariatric surgery has been considered a last-hope procedure for extremely overweight people who have been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise or who have other severe health problems, such as diabetes. Over the past year, the guidelines to …
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Couple shed 280 pounds and get noticed for the right reasons

Couple shed 280 pounds and get noticed for the right reasons
In just a few weeks, she had lost 14 pounds — enough to motivate her to take on new physical challenges. She moved on to bikes and treadmills and made sure to sweat for an hour at least three times a week. After that, there was no turning back, she said.
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Willowbrook's Orangetheory Fitness announces winners of weight-loss challenge
Orangetheory Fitness, the energizing group personal training, interval fitness concept, motivated members of its Willowbrook studio to lose 350 pounds during its inaugural Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge. The male and female participants with the …
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Weight loss a world away – or rather an ocean away
Only twice in my life have I been fortunate to experience happiness so profound that it caused me to both laugh and cry at the same time. Such happiness is unforgettable. I remember precisely what caused it, both times, but it's one particular instance …
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SlimPlate System of Portion Control Announces Tips to Manage Diabetes in Summer Heat

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

The team behind the proven SlimPlate System of weight loss have today revealed their tips and tricks for dealing with diabetes during the summer months in a new series of ask the experts and it all comes down to portion control.

SlimPlate System is a unique method of portion control that can help to trigger weight loss and keep it off ideal for those who suffer from diabetes and need to maintain a controlled diet in order to keep their blood sugar levels steady. Now the experts behind the portion control plates have offered their tips for diabetes sufferers during the summer season, when it can be only too tempting to reach for a sugary snack or gorge on fruit in the heat.

Dr. Myo Nwe, the physician who invented the SlimPlate System says, Diabetes is a tricky condition to manage, but controlling portions using methods like ours can be a very effective way of maintaining blood sugar levels. People rarely feel like eating heavy stews or carb-laden dishes when the temperature rises, and our collection of dinnerware can help those with diabetes control their portions sensibly throughout the summer season.

The first tip from the team at SlimPlate System is for diabetes sufferers to carry a method of portion control with them at all times. Whether its a small cup to measure out fruit portions or a personal plate that they can measure their food intake on, its important that whether theyre attending a barbecue or a summer garden party, they are still in control of their food.

Secondly, for those who dont have access to fresh fruit and just want to reach for a sugar snack, ensure that they are still eating to the recommended portions. Using the SlimPlate System means that no foods are ruled out, but for diabetes sufferers its important to strictly monitor the intake when it comes to sweet snacks and treats.

Dr. Myo Nwe strongly advocates remaining hydrated at all times. Dehydration, or the loss of body fluids, can occur when blood glucose is not under control for diabetes sufferers. Alcohol intake should be limited as much as possible, and caffeine-free fluids should be ingested often to remain hydrated and keep glucose levels consistent. For those who are really craving a fizzy, sugary soda, its vital to stick to recommended portions using measuring tools like those provided by SlimPlate System.

The unique weight loss and portion control method, SlimPlate System, also advocates eating often. The plan includes three meals and two snacks every day, which is very

beneficial for those who are managing diabetes. The experts at SlimPlate System also encourage diabetes sufferers to check their blood glucose levels multiple times a day to be sure that their levels are within the acceptable boundaries. Its also important to remember to carry portion-controlled snacks at all time to boost blood sugars if they should dip during a hot day.

To find out more about SlimPlate System, visit the website:

About SlimPlate System:

SlimPlate System is a four-stage weight loss program that shuns deprivation for portion control. The system, which has been designed by physicians and proven by research, is easy to implement and maintain, with no calorie counting, costly supplements or juice fads.

Simpson helps people take charge of their lives

Simpson helps people take charge of their lives
She brings energy and enthusiasm to several diverse areas of personal development including training in problem-solving, soft skills, total quality management and quality control tools. She also leads workshops in trainer development and team building.
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Women's-only gym provides fun and fitness in Brampton, ON
And with a full Tools & Resources page, members can access fitness calculators, articles, and more to help with their weight loss journey. For more information, visit their website. You can also call them at 905-970-0991 or email them at the Request …
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Support groups
This support group focuses on the importance of taking care of yourself, provides helpful tools and techniques to care for your loved ones and shares information on what community services might be available to assist you. Free to all … 6 p.m …
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Dr. Matthew Cohn & Dr. Mary Fuller – RSP Reflective Self Programming Introductory Guided Meditation Relaxation (Awake or Sleep)

Dr. Matthew Cohn & Dr. Mary Fuller – RSP Reflective Self Programming Introductory Guided Meditation Relaxation (Awake or Sleep)

from Healthy Eating: Stay Off Junk Foods Light of Mind Hypnosis Self Help Guided Meditation Relaxation Affirmations NLP

Price: USD -1
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FDA Warning: Avoid Pure Caffeine Powder

FDA Warning: Avoid Pure Caffeine Powder
Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, LDN, is a clinical associate professor and registered dietitian at Boston University in the Nutrition Program. She writes on healthy eating, one bite at a time. Share; Comment. caffeine powder.PNG. The FDA is warning consumers …
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7 Foods That Could Help Lower Your Stress Levels
Another 44% say they eat less when stressed, which is a bad idea because your body won't be able to function or regulate your mood without the nutrients it needs. But emotional eating isn't healthy — at least, not if it makes you gravitate towards …
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Research: Fresh Avocado Enhances Absorption Of Fat Soluble Nutrients For
Specifically, the research was based on two randomized, two-way crossover feeding studies in 12 healthy men and women. The first study investigated if fresh avocado, when eaten with high beta-carotene tomato sauce, would promote the absorption of …
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Cracking Your Snacking Habit & Healthy Eating
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Grocery healthy eating tour Tuesday in Orchard Park
Catholic Medical Partners on Tuesday will conduct a grocery tour at Orchard Fresh to help people understand how to shop, and eat, in healthier ways. The tour will include nutrition tips, information about how to read a food label, food samples and …
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Food Stamps: USDA Wants To Give Recipients Free Movie Tickets Encourage
The USDA wants to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on movie tickets, talking shopping carts, and other incentives to encourage people on food stamps to eat healthier. The United States Department of Agriculture is also hoping to urge major changes to …
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Bariatric Diet Center Modesto CA Call (209) 312-6515, We are your Bariatric Diet Center in Modesto CA. Call Us Today at (209) 312-6515 or Visit: Medallion Weight Loss 140 E Gr…

Diet-Center มหาสารคาม กับหลากหลายโปรแกรมสำหรับนักเรียนนักศึกษา ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่!/RrkwdWichaLaeaPhasaDiXed?fref=ts (fan page: …
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EnergyFirst CEO Gerry Morton and Celebrated Guide Andrew Skurka Treks the John Muir Trail in One Week

Manhattan Beach, Calif. (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

The John Muir Trail runs 221 miles from Yosemite Valley to the summit of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States. It is a challenging trek that averages 10,000 feet in elevation, with several mountain passes that are in excess of 13,000 feet. It takes most trained hikers three or four weeks to make the hike.

EnergyFirst CEO Gerry Morton and professional backpacker Andrew Skurka finished it in one week.

Why attempt such a hike in one week? As a busy CEO and devoted family man, Morton set out to accomplish the trek and relish the beauty of the Serria Mountain Range in one week because, At this point in my life, thats the maximum time I could take away from my family and business. Plus, Im always up for a challenge!

Morton, with a proven record in endurance feats and accomplishments, prepared and trained for the hike with the same focus he brings to his business. In addition to degrees in nutrition, business, and entrepreneurship, Morton has participated in four Ironman Triathlons (including the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii), run over 35 marathons (including the Boston Marathon) and took part in the Catalina Classic, a 32 mile paddle board race. As CEO of EnergyFirst, his line of all-natural supplements embodies his philosophy of embracing a healthy lifestyle and pushing ones body to its limits.

While Morton knew he had the training to accomplish his goal, he knew he needed guidance from an expert in hiking, so he sought out Skurka, the absolute best in the field.

Skurka, an experienced guide on the trail, was named “Adventurer of the Year” by National Geographic Adventure, Person of the Year by Backpacker Magazine and is in Mens Journal “Adventurer Hall of Fame.” One year earlier, Skurka completed a 4,700-mile 6-month expedition around Alaska and Yukon by foot, ski, and packraft.

The pair averaged 33 miles a day, saw an elevation change of 84,000 feet and took over 500,000 steps. Their rucksacks weighed in at under eight pounds, plus food and water, and they neither carried nor filtered their water. I recognize that not everyone would aspire to complete the entire JMT in a week, but Im unapologetic about valuing the mental and physical difficulties that are inherent to such an undertaking, says Skurka.

Says Morton, This is definitely Americas most beautiful trail – the John Muir. It was absolutely spectacular. To finish it off here at the highest point in the continguous United States is fantastic. What a week!

To watch a video of the hike and read more about it, visit National Geographics Adventure Blog here.


About EnergyFirst:

EnergyFirst, a leading company in the all-natural protein and supplement industry, was founded in 1997. We, at EnergyFirst, believe that everyone can benefit from drinking a protein shake whether the goal is optimal nutrition in a meal replacement, an easy and healthy breakfast alternative, a weight loss aid, or a protein supplement for athletes. We also believe that your protein shake should be 100% natural and delicious. EnergyFirst offers healthful and high quality products, including ProEnergy, a whey protein isolate derived from the milk of grass-fed, antibiotic-, growth hormone- and rBGH-free cows; Greenergy Superfood for antioxidant and immune system support from certified organic ingredients; Prefuel all-natural sugar-free pre-workout supplement; and Permalean Protein Bars.

About Andrew Skurka:

Andrew Skurka is an accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer. The 33-year-old is most well known for his solo long-distance backpacking trips, notably the 4,700-mile 6-month Alaska-Yukon Expedition, the 6,875-mile 7-month Great Western Loop, and the 7,775-mile 11-month Sea-to-Sea Route. In total, he has backpacked, skied, and packrafted 30,000+ miles through many of the worlds most prized backcountry and wilderness areasthe equivalent of traveling 1.2 times around Earths equator! He is the author of The Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide: Tools & Tips to Hit the Trail and guides about 15 trips per year. For more information visit


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