High Performance Brain Magazine Celebrates One Year on the iTunes App Store

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

With the release of its 7th issue in January 2015, High Performance Brain Magazine is proud to celebrate its One Year Anniversary on iTunes. This bimonthly digital magazine is available at the iTunes App Store under two categories: (1) Newsstand (Health, Mind & Body) and (2) Health and Fitness. Magazine issues are viewable on iPads or iPhones and automatically default to the ideal display mode depending on the device used a graphic-friendly format for iPads versus a text-friendly format for iPhones.

In the cover story of anniversary issue #7, Dr. Daniel G. Amen (a clinical neuroscientist, double board certified psychiatrist, brain imaging expert, and multiple New York Times bestselling author) outlines his best prescriptions for living a brain healthy life. Other articles in this issue include: “Your Brain on Chocolate: Brain-boosting benefits of eating dark chocolate,” “Brain Myth Busting 101: Why we use way more than 10% of our brain,” “You Snooze, You Lose: 4 tips for putting your snooze button addiction to rest forever,” and “The Musical Brain: Listening to music lights up your whole brain.” Issue #7 also includes the first in a series of live online brain training classes.

Back issues of High Performance Brain Magazine have featured a wide ranging menu of brain health approaches, such as: physical exercise, mindfulness, nutrient-dense super foods, sleep science, memory enhancement, musical training, stress reduction, and frontal lobe practices.

High Performance Brain Magazine is considered a premiere digital guide for optimizing brain health/longevity and brain fitness/performance because of the high calibre of its contributing authors. The tips and strategies offered in this magazine are written by the world’s top neuroscientists, doctors, neuropsychiatrists, and brain health experts. These world class scientists draw their information from up-to-date research in the frontiers of neuroplasticity, brain health, neurological rehabilitation, memory enhancement, and brain training systems. Cultivating an optimal state of brain performance using science-based practices can, over time, lead to cognitive benefits such as: better mental clarity, focus, concentration, memory power, and productivity.

Prominent neuroscientists say we’re in the midst of a “Neuroplasticity Revolution” because new research on the complex workings of the brain is being released at an unprecedented pace. The idea of ‘brain plasticity’ or ‘neuroplasticity’ the brains ability to adapt and rewire itself in response to new experiences and novel learning is the single “most important change in our understanding of the brain since the beginning of modern science, says Norman Doidge, New York Times bestselling author of “The Brain That Changes Itself.”

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