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Eating yogurt regularly does not improve health, quality of life
In Spain, where the study was conducted, the main dietary guidelines support the consumption of dairy products such as yogurt as part of a healthy, balanced diet, just as they do in many other countries. "This is because the majority of studies have …
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Researchers Suggest Ways to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in a Child — Start
Newswise — MANHATTAN, Kansas — A healthy diet promotes success in life — better concentration and alertness, better physical health that translates into good mental and emotional health. But even the best intentioned parents can expect food fights …
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Fast, healthy eating drives food delivery startup

Fast, healthy eating drives food delivery startup
A local startup is trying to tap into what it sees as a growing market within the food industry. Abbie Toner late last year launched Eat Smart, a meal subscription service to cater to busy professionals looking for a healthy, convenient lunch option …
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Orthorexia Nervosa: What Is Orthorexia Nervosa And Why Extreme Healthy
Orthorexia nervosa, the "healthy food eating disorder," has become a common word since American doctor Steven Bratman developed an obsession in eating healthy food. It's been written since the old times that eating proper food is the best way to be …
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WellCare Gives $12,000 to Marshall County, Kentucky Initiative to Improve Youth Activity and Nutrition

TAMPA, Fla. (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (NYSE: WCG), a leading provider of managed care services for government-sponsored health care programs, announced today that it gave $ 12,000 to the Marshall County Health Department, located in Western Kentucky, to help fund an after-school program designed to increase physical activity, improve nutrition and promote good character. The program, called Team Ultra, is open to third, fourth and fifth graders in the county.

Team Ultra is offered at all six of the countys elementary schools and provides more than 300 students with 45 minutes of moderate physical activity and ten minutes of nutritional counseling, once a week. During the activities, coaches incorporate lessons to teach good character, such as self-respect and respect for others, courtesy, fairness and citizenship. The program also promotes preventive health by rewarding students with a pedometer when they participate in an annual well-child visit.

Team Ultra also reinforces healthy behaviors by encouraging at-home activities, such as creating and running obstacle courses (with parent approval), planting vegetable gardens, eating healthy and reading nutrition labels.

The Marshall County Health Department is grateful to WellCare for helping us make Team Ultra available to every student who wanted to participate this school year, said Paul Rudd, registered dietician for the Marshall County Health Department and program director for Team Ultra. The programs primary objective is to encourage personal responsibility to establish a lifetime of health and wellness to combat obesity, which is most often the result of poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.

WellCare is proud to make programs, which help to teach life-long healthy habits, available to even more children, said Dr. Howard Shaps, medical director for WellCare of Kentucky. The benefits of Team Ultra also extend to the entire family, as it encourages the children to share what they have learned to positively impact the overall health of everyone in the home.

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As of Dec. 31, 2014, WellCare serves approximately 408,000 Medicaid members, 5,000 Medicare Advantage plan members and 21,000 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan members in Kentucky. To learn more about how we care for Kentuckians, watch Brandis story at

About WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

WellCare Health Plans, Inc. provides managed care services targeted to government-sponsored health care programs, including Medicaid, Medicare, Prescription Drug Plans and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., WellCare offers a variety of health plans for families, children, and the aged, blind and disabled. The company serves approximately 4.1 million members nationwide as of Dec. 31, 2014. For more information about WellCare, please visit the company’s website at or view the companys videos at

Healthy Eating Obstacles (And How to Overcome Them)

Healthy Eating Obstacles (And How to Overcome Them)
Click Here to see the Complete List of Healthy Eating Obstacles (And How to Overcome Them). These include that: food should be pleasurable; food should be flavorful; food should be nutritious; preparing food shouldn't have to take up excessive amounts …
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When Eating Healthily Becomes a Fixation
Orthorexia nervosa, the “health food eating disorder,” gets its name from the Greek word ortho, meaning straight, proper or correct. This exaggerated focus on food can be seen today in some people who follow lifestyle movements such as “raw,” “clean …
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High Performance Brain Magazine Celebrates One Year on the iTunes App Store

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

With the release of its 7th issue in January 2015, High Performance Brain Magazine is proud to celebrate its One Year Anniversary on iTunes. This bimonthly digital magazine is available at the iTunes App Store under two categories: (1) Newsstand (Health, Mind & Body) and (2) Health and Fitness. Magazine issues are viewable on iPads or iPhones and automatically default to the ideal display mode depending on the device used a graphic-friendly format for iPads versus a text-friendly format for iPhones.

In the cover story of anniversary issue #7, Dr. Daniel G. Amen (a clinical neuroscientist, double board certified psychiatrist, brain imaging expert, and multiple New York Times bestselling author) outlines his best prescriptions for living a brain healthy life. Other articles in this issue include: “Your Brain on Chocolate: Brain-boosting benefits of eating dark chocolate,” “Brain Myth Busting 101: Why we use way more than 10% of our brain,” “You Snooze, You Lose: 4 tips for putting your snooze button addiction to rest forever,” and “The Musical Brain: Listening to music lights up your whole brain.” Issue #7 also includes the first in a series of live online brain training classes.

Back issues of High Performance Brain Magazine have featured a wide ranging menu of brain health approaches, such as: physical exercise, mindfulness, nutrient-dense super foods, sleep science, memory enhancement, musical training, stress reduction, and frontal lobe practices.

High Performance Brain Magazine is considered a premiere digital guide for optimizing brain health/longevity and brain fitness/performance because of the high calibre of its contributing authors. The tips and strategies offered in this magazine are written by the world’s top neuroscientists, doctors, neuropsychiatrists, and brain health experts. These world class scientists draw their information from up-to-date research in the frontiers of neuroplasticity, brain health, neurological rehabilitation, memory enhancement, and brain training systems. Cultivating an optimal state of brain performance using science-based practices can, over time, lead to cognitive benefits such as: better mental clarity, focus, concentration, memory power, and productivity.

Prominent neuroscientists say we’re in the midst of a “Neuroplasticity Revolution” because new research on the complex workings of the brain is being released at an unprecedented pace. The idea of ‘brain plasticity’ or ‘neuroplasticity’ the brains ability to adapt and rewire itself in response to new experiences and novel learning is the single “most important change in our understanding of the brain since the beginning of modern science, says Norman Doidge, New York Times bestselling author of “The Brain That Changes Itself.”

Latest Healthy Eating News

How These Chefs Stay Healthy (When They're Surrounded By Food All Day)
"Before being diagnosed with celiac, I was tempted mostly by bread and pasta since it's always available in the kitchen," Costello tells Yahoo Health. "But, another item that's always around that I was still allowed to have was soda. And it's easy to …
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National Nutrition Month Celebrates Healthy Eating, Active Living
Last year, the department worked with state agencies, legislators, nonprofits and the private sector to launch “Living Healthy in Florida.” This initiative is the first of its kind to promote healthy eating, good nutrition and active living in an …
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Shake up your healthy eating routine
I'm not big on counting calories but I do like to eat healthy as much as possible. So when the following information came over my desk in January. I chose to ignore it at first but kept coming back to reread it. The suggestions are sensible and I …
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