The Calories In and Calories Out Blog Celebrates Its First Year

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Many highly successful cookbooks are launched after a blog or website with a zillion followers has established a market for the product. One recent example would be the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook. The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook did things a little backwards. The companion website and blog, [The Calories In and Calories Out Blog were established while the book was still being written.

Keeping in line with the mission of the book, author and blogger,Catherine Jones, posts two stories a week. Her goal is to increase calorie awareness while giving readers practical and sustainable tools to make a healthy lifestyle a reality. She showcases her decades of expertise in the Cooking Tips and recipes. Some examples of the Cooking Tips include things like how to roast the perfect chicken, whip cream, and grow an herb garden. Shopping Tips guide you on how to choose a juicy watermelon or lemon and how to make the salad bar your best friend. Super foods give in depth information on blueberries, oranges, and yes, even dark chocolate. The Nutrition Tidbits, researched by co-author Elaine Trujillo, MS RDN, include 20 low-calorie hunger busters, high-calcium low-fat dairy products, and the amazing benefits of green tea. The new Diabetes Corner helps diabetics choose the best foods and resources. Guest bloggers are invited.

The recipes are a highlight. They feature scrumptious oat-flour waffles and hearty mixed-grain pancakes, pasta salad with sun-dried tomato pesto, gently cooked gazpacho, homemade salad dressings, salmon patties, chicken tenders, flank steak with honey glazed onion, and strawberry short cakes. Catherine’s directions are clear and the outcome is always amazing.

Other books by Catherine Jones are also featured: Eating for Pregnancy: An Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today’s Mothers-to-Be and Eating for Lower Cholesterol: A Balanced Approach to Heart Health with Recipes Everyone Will Love.

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Fuel right! 9 triathlon nutrition rules
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Align Probiotic Brand Given Glowing Approval by Randy Johnson of in His Recent Product Review

(PRWEB) August 01, 2014

“Until I learned about the benefits of probiotics, I had no clue there existed a simple cure for my bloating, nausea, indigestion, and other discomforts caused by the foods I commonly eat and until I discovered the probiotic Align, I had no clue that one brand could be so vastly superior to another.” This is a quote from Randy Johnson, webmaster of He is something of a fitness expert and overall health nut, and his recommendation should not be taken lightly.

The Align probiotic brand can be found most cheaply on, and is always seal-packed for optimal preservation, where consumers will also find a host of actual user reviews and testimonials.

As for Randy Johnson, he is utterly convinced. “You don’t really know for sure how much of a difference it can make for your digestive tract until you try it. Pay close attention to how you feel before taking Align. Then you need to consciously compare how you feel two or three weeks into taking it to how you felt before you started. You’ll never go back.”

Align’s unique probiotic strain, B. infantis 35624, is not found in any other probiotic product. The Align product is the “#1 Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic brand 4 years in a row,” according to the brand packaging.

For those that don’t know, a probiotic is simply healthy bacteria, as ironic as that might sound.

About Webmaster Randy Johnson has been interested in weight management and fitness for many years now, but for so long had failed to see the forest from the trees. It wasn’t until a recent in-the-mirror “jolt” that brought him to the consciousness of his personal failure with nutrition and exercise, as evidenced by the guy in the mirror. Ever since, Johnson has been dedicated to immersing himself in the science and self-activism of staying fit and healthy, and this website is his “journal.”

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FDA Warning: Avoid Pure Caffeine Powder
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Whole-Food and Healthy Living Blog by Activz Whole-Food Nutrition. Simplified.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

Activz Whole-Food Nutrition. Simplified., is pleased to announce the successful launch of their new weekday blog devoted to sharing whole-food living resources. The Activz Health Blog, much requested by Activz customers after their launch in March at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, shares a wholesome range of facts, tips, news, recipes and resources. Blog contributors range from professional nutrition writers to mommy bloggers and the President of the Activz Company, David Christensen.

Customers asked for the blog. They wanted to know how to use our organic produce powders and supplements which increase the nutritional value of family meals, said David Christensen, President of Activz.”

The Activz Health Blog includes recipes like Mixed Berry Sorbet and Curried Sweet Potato Egg Salad, all made with Activz whole-food produce powders. These recipes are available along with need-to-know facts about health topics like sunscreen and delightful stories from moms trying to add whole-food to their familys diet.

Activzs revolutionary new line of whole-food and organic produce powders are easy-to-use, preservative-free whole-food powder available in a variety of organic fruit, vegetable and grass. Specific options range from organic kale, beet and carrot to organic mango, strawberry, blueberry and more. Each retains all the nutrition of fresh produce thanks to the Activz patented dehydration process, a method which gently evaporates only the water molecules while leaving vital nutrients intact.

Activz, found in over 700 stores nationwide, is whole-food nutrition, simplified. Activz is a natural products company devoted to providing food actives the living, bioactive nutrition of whole foods in the most convenient forms possible, all while retaining 100% whole-food integrity. The Stealth Health Revolution is campaign aimed at helping millions of families incorporate whole-food nutrition into their lives and to provide tools to consumers who have long believed they must choose between healthy eating and convenience.

For more information about Activz, visit or call (855) 782-0447.

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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Teams Up With NutriSavings to Make Healthy Grocery Shopping Easy and More Affordable for Employees and Members

Newton, MA (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

Harvard Pilgrim subscribers who enroll in NutriSavings will earn financial rewards based on their healthy grocery purchases, and will access digital tools to improve their nutritional IQ and enhance their grocery shopping experience. Harvard Pilgrim rolled out NutriSavings under the brand EatRight RewardsSM in a pilot to their employees. The pilot measured the current shopping habits of employees along with the effect incentives had on purchase behavior. Harvard Pilgrim was recently approved by insurance regulators in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, to roll out the program to members.

The costs of obesity and other chronic diseases associated with poor nutrition are staggering to both employees and employers, said Gerard Bridi, NutriSavings’ CEO. NutriSavings believes in the power of better nutrition to improve health, boost productivity and reduce employee absenteeism. We are pleased to see high employee engagement levels at Harvard Pilgrim and attribute this to the fact that grocery shopping is universal and a necessity. Nutrition touches people each and every day at work and at the dinner table.

More than 70% of healthcare expenses stem from obesity-related chronic illnesses. In the United States, where medical coverage is provided by employers, this represents an estimated cost of $ 850 per employee per month. NutriSavings addresses this epidemic by educating and incentivizing employees to eat healthier.

Several measures were used to determine pilot program success including employee engagement and shopping basket score change over time. Employee engagement is measured by tracking the number of employees who enroll their supermarket loyalty cards and use it while grocery shopping. More than one-third of Harvard Pilgrim employees participated in the pilot program, recording more than 4,000 shopping trips. More than 65% of their shopping trips registered average shopping basket nutritional scores of 60 or higher on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 as the best. The average shopping basket score nationally has been calculated at between 30 and 45.

We are thrilled to see that Harvard Pilgrim employees are making healthier choices, said Niraj Jetly, NutriSavings SVP, COO/CIO. The universality of the grocery shopping experience is evident from the fact that we are seeing higher levels of engagement for employees in the age groups of 31 and above.

NutriSavings created the first online ecosystem where produce growers, employers, health plans, wellness organizations, and food and beverage companies join forces to get employees healthy. Harvard Pilgrims EatRight Rewards RewardsSM members and their families have access to exclusive e-discounts on healthy foods, offered by major food and beverage companies. On their desktop, tablet or smartphone, participants also have online access to nutrition panels, ingredient lists, and nutritional scores on more than 100,000 products, along with healthy recipes and practical tips from nutritionists and dietitians, which they can share with others.

What better way to encourage people to eat well than to put money in their pockets for choosing healthy foods, said Eric H. Schultz, President and CEO of Harvard Pilgrim. We want our employees and members to lead happy, healthy lives and good nutrition plays an important role in making that happen. Eating healthy can lead to weight loss and reductions in cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels. These factors help to lower overall health insurance costs.

A study of US businesses conducted in 2013 by the National Business Group on Health (NGBH) revealed an increase in spending on programs to promote balanced nutrition and regular physical exercise. This year, approximately 95% of American companies plan to set up incentive programs, and expect to spend $ 594 per employee per year on average, or more than twice as much as in 2009. NutriSavings partners with large employers and health plans to deliver incentive-based nutrition programs that educate employees on better nutrition and reward them for buying healthy food products.

Sources: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mercer, Fidelity & National Business Group on Health

About NutriSavings

NutriSavings is an online ecosystem where employers, health plans, food and beverage companies, and produce growers, join forces to get employees healthy. We are on a mission to improve the health of the U.S. workforce and reduce the enormous costs associated with obesity and other chronic diseases through better nutrition. NutriSavings is the first measurable nutrition benefit solution that is designed to change shopping behavior and incentivize healthy food purchases. Our solution is integrated with the nations largest supermarket chains, enabling participants to see their grocery basket nutritional score in near real-time. NutriSavings is a joint-venture between Edenred, the world leader in employee benefits, and SavingStar, the only national fully digital grocery savings service in the U.S.

About Edenred

Edenred, which invented the Ticket Restaurant

58 South Molton Street launches 365 Days of Healthy Bikini Body

London (PRWEB UK) 4 June 2014

In partnership with 58 South Molton Street, Summer Passion for Bikinis is launching their latest campaign 365 Days of Healthy Bikini Body. The campaign is supporting the launch of their Brazilian-styled bikinis and aims to deliver fortnightly online tips and workshops at 58 South Molton Street, to help and support those who want to maintain a bikini body 365 days a year, without having to go on laborious diets in the run up to their holidays.

With continuous help from experts and professionals, including a well-established Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, those who follow the 365 campaign will adapt a healthy new lifestyle that allows them to be confident with their health throughout the year, without a strict exercise and diet regime.

Clients who adhere to the 365 lifestyle will be subject to free fitness tips on Summer Passion for Bikinis website. The tips will be in the form of blog entries, photographs and video diarys and will include what to eat and what to avoid. Clients who will require additional support will receive discounted private sessions with committed nutritional therapist Kyla Williams as well as sessions with personal trainer, Charlene Hutsebaut.

Once your new healthy lifestyle is underway, Pulse Laser Clinic will then help you achieve the ultimate bikini body by offering discounted laser hair removal sessions. When your lifestyle changes, your image shortly follows and Summer Passion for Bikinis offer a portal to which clients can constantly refer back to as a way of maintaining their health and picking up tips to do so along the way.

On Thursday 5th June, 58 South Molton Street will hold the launch event for Summer Passion for Bikinis new collection. The established Well-being Business Centre in the heart of Mayfair will be hosting the event followed by a series of professional talks the campaign participants including a talk from 58 South Molton Streets founder, Michal Cohen-Sagi, Summer Passion for Bikinis Serena Zandegu, Nutritional Therapist, Kyla Williams and Personal Trainer, Charlene Hutsebaut. Pulse Laser Clinic will also be offering clients free patch tests to help them prepare for their 365 Days of Healthy Bikini Body.

Tickets for the event free and can be reserved on 58 South Molton Streets Facebook page, Eventbrite or by calling 020 7706 1997.


Notes to Editor:

Eventbrite link:

For more information please contact Aaron at 58 SMS via telephone, 020 7706 1997 or email info(at)kingyotherapy(dot)com with the subject: to the attention of Aaron.