Four Tips on Thinking about Fat in Your Diet

Four Tips on Thinking about Fat in Your Diet
Fat: It used to be the great American health problem, demonized by nutritionists and the food industry in the 1970s as “bad for you.” Solutions emerged in the form of fat-free diets and fat-free foods, which proliferated in the 1990s. But supermarket …

Recipe for Success Includes Solid Nutrition Plan
To stay at our best as NFL athletes, the understanding of nutrition is key to our performance. Being knowledgeable about healthy foods and supplements is only half the battle. Having a complete nutritional plan is important to reaching your goals …
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Are You Alkaline or Acidic? Test Your Diet With This Quick Trick

Are You Alkaline or Acidic? Test Your Diet With This Quick Trick
In my video Alkaline Diets, Animal Protein, and Calcium Loss I presented evidence challenging the notion that our body is buffering the acid formed from our diet with calcium from our bones. How then is our body neutralizing the acid? Maybe with our …

Evesham's over 60s increasingly conscious of diet and nutrition
Graham Davis, managing director of the franchise which delivers to residents in Evesham, said: "This research demonstrates that people of all ages are becoming more knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. Of course, eating well is increasingly …
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Latest Nutrition And Healthy Eating News

Understanding Nutrition Facts labels can help you make healthier choices
The Nutrition Facts label is the information found on most packaged foods, which can simplify the whole concept of healthy eating. It tracks fat, sugar, sodium, fibre, etc to help us make an informed decision while purchasing any product. Each country …
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Whole Foods looks to New Orleans ReFresh Project to launch national healthy
Whole Foods Market is launching a foundation for promoting nutrition and health education, an effort that will start by studying the New Orleans ReFresh Project opening on Broad Street for a national model, officials said this week. Whole Cities …
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Snacking Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Diet
I am a bona fide snack lover. I always have snacks in my desk drawer at work, a piece of fruit in my purse and a bag of almonds in my car. Smart snacking-choosing healthy foods in portions of 200 calories or less if you're trying to lose or maintain …
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The Standard American Diet in 3 Simple Charts

The Standard American Diet in 3 Simple Charts
US obesity and diabetes rates are among the globe's very highest. Why? On her blog, the NYU nutritionist and food-politics expert Marion Nestle recently pointed (hat-tip, to this telling chart on how we spend our grocery money, from the …
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Putting a label on healthy eating
A study of eating patterns and diet quality among working-age adults from 2005 to 2010 found consumers are eating fewer calories and making healthier choices. The report said people are also eating more fiber and less fat and feeling more confident of …

Finally, Small Signs that America's Lousy Diet is Getting Better
Last week a new USDA report says Americans are consuming fewer calories from fat, eating fewer calories in total, eating at home more often, and bumping up fiber intake. We may also be reading nutrition labels more often and more likely to agree that …
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What to Eat For Shiny, Healthy Hair! | Healthy Diet Tips | Fitness How To

Is your hair is too short, too dry, or starting to thin? Well, we have some edible solutions for you! Check out our tips on what to eat to keep your hair shi…
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Michelle Obama Speech on Eating Healthy Nutrition and Exercise

Michelle Obama Speech on Eating Healthy Nutrition and Exercise. Michelle Obama Speech on Eating Healthy Nutrition and Exercise. The First Lady Urges Healthy …

Foods4BetterHealth Reports on Nut Consumption and Longevity: Study

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 03, 2013, a new food and nutrition web site operating on the belief that healthy foods can prevent disease and illness, is reporting on a new study, which found that eating nuts may be linked to increased longevity.

As Foods4BetterHealth notes (, a new study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, looked at the link between eating nuts and mortality. The researchers examined the eating habits of over 76,000 women and 42,000 men, and specifically their nut consumption and mortality, for 20 years. By the end of the study, the researchers noted that the participants with an increased nut consumption (seven or more times a week) had a 20% lower risk of dying from any causes, compared to the participants who didnt eat nuts. (Source: Bao, Y., et al., Association of Nut Consumption with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality, N Engl J Med 2013; 369: 2,001-2,011.)

As the Foods4BetterHealth article Can Eating Nuts Make You Live Longer? notes, not only did the participants have a reduced risk of mortality, they also had a lower risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, and lung infections and were less likely to gain weight.

The author of the report, Dr. K.J. McLaughlin, observes that the study does have some severe limitations; for one, it was an observational study, and therefore, the researchers could not prove cause and effect (that it was eating nuts that caused the reduced risk of mortality and disease). However, he also notes that the study did have a large sample size and a large follow-up time period, which adds credibility to the study.

The Foods4BetterHealth report concludes that eating nuts has already shown to have many health benefits, and this study further adds credibility to this theory. Eating nuts can not only help one live longer, but also reduce ones risk of disease., created by Doctors Health Press, is a food news and health web site, offering readers information about the latest food controversies, exclusive expert advice, and health tips to ward off illness, prevent disease, and live a long, healthy life. For more information, visit

Cotton Ball Diet – Whether It Is Or Isn't A Trend, It's Still Something

Cotton Ball Diet – Whether It Is Or Isn't A Trend, It's Still Something
The cotton ball diet is the latest to be touted as the demon diet that parents need to be wary of, after footage of teens dipping said balls in juice and eating them, was aired. However, while there is some speculation as to how many teens are doing …
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We spend much of our lives being reminded to eat more fruits and vegetables yet 15 to 50 percent of the elderly population suffers from poor nutrition and malnutrition. Eating healthily is not just a thing to do; it's a way to live. Maintaining healthy …
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50+ Nutrition: Healthy eating during the prime years
Besides adding extra birthday candles to your cake, you should also add bone-strengthening calcium to your diet. The current recommendation is for healthy adult Americans ages 19 to 50 to consume 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily, the equivalent …
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Bodybuilding Diet Nutrition Recipes Grocery List for Bodybuilding Getting Big and Ripped

Bodybuilding Diet Nutrition Recipes Grocery List for Bodybuilding Getting Big and Ripped Here is your Grocery List. I have two recipes for you below as well….
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Getting Slimmer—and Smarter: Diet and Fitness 2013

Getting Slimmer—and Smarter: Diet and Fitness 2013
The diet and fitness category has become more competitive than ever, with PW receiving submissions for this feature from 34 publishers, a number that topped even the most robust recent years. The vast majority of titles are about dieting, making for a …
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Why Vegetarians Are Thinner Than You
If you've ever downed a bag of baby carrots to keep yourself from turning to higher cal snacks, you could be on to something: New research shows that embracing a plant-based diet may be the most effective way to lose weight. Brie Turner-McGrievy, PhD, …

Nutrition News: Healthy eaters for life
For teens, the nutrients of concern include calcium, vitamin D and iron, says Castle. "And we know teens don't eat a lot of whole grains," she adds. "Teens are at a very critical, sensitive development time. We need to help them establish food habits …
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