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Video Rating: 0 / 5 Launching the January line-up of power videos airing on, from the 3rd through the 11th is Lisa LaPuma, owner of the Diet Center in Massapequa Park. As a “weight-loss professional,” Lisa is helping to save lives with her new strategic “Diet Fast” program. Experts, including the World Health Organization, stress that a large part of a person’s health stems from what they eat. Healthy eating can prevent diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It makes sense: consuming appropriate amounts of nutrients enhances and extends your life! The Diet Center is not just about losing weight, it is about making healthier eating choices like reducing your fat and sodium intake. We went up-close and personal with Ms. LaPuma, the “weight-loss professional,” to talk about the many benefits of joining the Diet Center. Also on camera are two Diet Center members, Gina Miloscia and Roseanne Maglione, giving testimonials about how Lisa coaches them to achieve maximum positive results. They talk candidly on camera about the skills they learned at the Diet Center help them to make better choices in their eating habits — even while traveling! Some of the products that the Diet Center offers include vitamins to ensure proper nutrition and perfectly balanced meal bars. Recognized as a leader in the weight loss industry for 35 years, the Diet Center supports you along your weight loss journey with regular consultations. Weighing in
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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