P90X Nutrition Plan – TurboFire Foods – From COSTCO

For more healthy eating and fitness tips for P90X, TurboFire, Insanity – visit us at mysymfitness.com For full details on David’s P90X Nutrition plan that I used to lose 37lbs of fat in 6 months, check out our website. Kate shows us P90X Foods from Costo that help with healthy eating. These are some of the best foods from Costco at a great price. Best of all, they are P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, Master Your Metabolism approved. We use these in our P90X Diet.

25 thoughts on “P90X Nutrition Plan – TurboFire Foods – From COSTCO

  1. BTW Muscle Milk does taste fantastic!! But nowadays most whey proteins pretty much taste good. If not add some soy milk, banana’s and/or any type of berries you like and blend it with a half cup of ice and it taste 100 times better. You will get plenty of protein and the carbs you need for either a pre or post workout!

  2. Muscle Milk is good for you. When Cytosport first came out with this product is was highly recommended. Nowadays, other companies and places like GNC started the bad reviews on it, so they could sell their product. I’ve used Muscle Milk since 2003 and it worked just as well or better than as other high end products. To be truly honest, go to Costco, Walmart, or any store like it and save money buying a designer Whey Protein. It will save you a lot of $ and its the same as the big named brands.

  3. Likewise, the almonds have more magnesium that nearly any other food; magnesium is the essential mineral in which most people are deficient. Every one of those choices were brilliant nutritional choices.

  4. The bell peppers she showed have more micronutrients than any other vegetable — save maybe Kale. The difference is that the peppers taste infinitely better.

  5. Hey hey what she is eating in this vid is perfectly fine and healthy. I know cause that’s what I mainly eat for 3 years now and when I get checked up at the doctor I’m perfectly healthy cholesterol everything is perfect. You don’t need to be an organic and natural food freak to be healthy and have a nice body. All that matters is calories in vs out.

  6. CostCo actually has a pretty good selection of organic foods at good prices. We now get our organic milk, eggs, peanut butter and jelly there. Buying everything at a local farmers market is very expensive here in the US. People are struggling with affording high quality food. Unfortunately, it’s all the crappy fast food and processed food that that is cheapest. What you’re suggesting is the absolute IDEAL & best way to eat but it’s just not practical for most people.

  7. This video made me laugh ! – if you are dieting you might as well use real whole super foods, everything in this video is NON Organic packed food..You should go to a market and buy actual vegetables, buy some real turkey breast and salmon fish and cook it instead of using all that canned crap. Plus a healthy died consist of variety in vegetables and fruits !! What is this diet, it’s unhealthy eating except you don’t gain weight..what you presented is not nutritional in any kind of way !

  8. Hey, nice video! I’d love the recipe for that chicken teriyaki that you mentioned!

  9. I think you’re thinking about their Ready to Drink liquids. They have a lot of fat and calories. We use their whey protein powder that is pretty much just protein. It has a few carbs and like 1g of fat.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Muscle Milk have a lot of added calories? I’ve heard some good things and bad things about it. Some say the extra calories are too much for your body and some say it’s fine. Opinions?

  11. I think it should be fine because whey protein is really just food.. but check with your parents to make sure they are okay with it.

  12. Great video! hey i was wondering I’m 14 and I’m starting p90x soon, I took the fitness test and I got through everything no problem, but i was wondering if it would be okay if someone my age took protein shakes after a work out?

  13. I buy the same brown rice and same canned chicken all the time. ive lost 35 pounds with products like those being parts of my diet. However when i do purchase those since im toward the end of phase 3, one can of chicken is not enough protein because my dinner is basically based upon the nutrition guide so i like to have about 9 ounces of meat. as for muscle milk, DO NOT BUY IT. muscle milk is worthless.

  14. Hi ya. I also do P90X for fun and I adhere to a Paleolithic Diet. *See Paleolithic Blue Print or Mark Sisson on Youtube.
    I shop at Costco and use the Muscle Milk Whey protein that you presented. Try the vanilla flavor and get the Kirkland frozen strawberries to make smoothies. My 15 year old son loves this as a high protein snack. We typically mix 4 scoops of the whey protein with about 10 frozen strawberries and a few ice cubes. Add only a few ounces of water to keep it kinda silky thick. Mmm

  15. I don’t have Costco in my country, but I think Pricesmart is something similar, I’ll go check there tomorrow. I added your site to my reading list and planning to start P90X soon! I’m in the “diet study” phase.

  16. Put Whey into cereal or oatmeal! if u want less calories drink with water…

    The best cereal is shredded wheat or second best is Special k and also add flax seeds

  17. whats even better than honey is agave nectar just not better on your wallet lol but great tasting better than honey i think