Photoshop Tutorial – Virtual Weight Loss (Liquify Tool)

Photoshop Tutorial - Virtual Weight Loss (Liquify Tool)

Photoshop Tutorial – Virtual Weight Loss with the Liquify Tool Learn how to remove fat and become familiar with the powerful Liquify Tool. If you have a suggestion for a future tutorial, leave a comment in the comment section below.
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Photoshop: Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop! (HD) | http | Use Photoshop to virtually put someone on a diet in Photoshop! Music: Kevin MacLeod

India's 40lb Weight Loss with Before and After Pics!

This was by far the most difficult video I’ve ever had to make. The emotions that go along with weight gain and the process of trying to lose it came out. I am pleased with my progress but it was hard to look at were I came from. I was in denial! But it was a reminder that I don’t want to go back to my previous weight. I hope that I inspire some of you to join me on this journey. I will use my testimony to reach as many of you as I possibly can. I thank God for giving me the strength to stick with this and the opportunity to share it with the world! #91 — Most Discussed (This Week) — Howto & Style #53 — Top Rated (This Week) — Howto & Style