How To Start Eating A Healthy Diet Plan

How To Start Eating A Healthy Diet Plan

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TEN – The New Way to Start the New Year

(PRWEB) December 20, 2013

How can eating well and being active be easy and fun? When you make it a game and challenge yourself to Be TEN. TEN is an online wellness and weight management program created with a fun approach, scoring 1 to 10, where 10 is the ultimate goal.

The plan was developed as an easy way for people to track progress as they make good choices and take a small hit when they make poor choices, but to not defeat their aspirations in the process. Both plans for WELL and WEIGHT are accommodated with TEN as YOU set your own goals and TEN leads you in the proper direction. Eat + Do = BE and we all aspire to Be TEN!

The goal-driven TEN program was designed with the latest web-based tracking technology; participants log what they eat and do and keep score with 10 as the goal, thus seeing positive impact in a short amount of time.

TEN was developed by Laura Klein, a professional nutritionist and IT expert, triathlete, wife and mother of two school-aged daughters. She lives and understands the time demands of todays hectic schedules and how they play havoc with maintaining a healthy and balanced life. It originated with a simple goal of enticing people to eat more fruit and vegetables, then evolved as a way to promote healthy lifestyles through reward and success, rather than calorie counting or dieting. provides not only a drag and drop logging method, but a wealth of beneficial information with its Impact Factor section so people can make reasoned choices about what they eat and do. The program is based on USDA Daily Recommended Servings of important food groups, so there are no special diets and no calorie or fat counting.

You eat good food and you keep moving, says Klein, That is how you reach TEN! There are rewards for getting the proper amount of sleep, high and low intensity exerciseeven having sex can score you credits toward earning a perfect 10. Food also earns creditsmore for whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables, and less for sweet desserts or drinks, though they are recognized as being a part of some peoples diets. Even one or two glasses of alcohol are OK, but more will cost a fraction of your total score.

Its like a game, Klein explains, We wanted it to be funrealistic and not tedious, and it works! Small modifications make big impacts in healthy lifestyles.

Kleins expertise in software development, coupled with her Master of Science degree in Food & Nutrition, propelled the concept as she focused on creating a user-friendly program, geared to todays mobile, online-based lifestyles. The icons make the program multi-cultural and easy to understandeven for those less computer-savvy.

Monthly plans vary and are affordableespecially as there are no special foods or equipment to purchase. TEN is success-driven, based on the individuals life and choices. TEN programs are individually designed from the preferences and input of each individual. As achievements and goals change, the plan is adapted for a WELL or WEIGHT program. You choose and you aspire to TEN each day.

There is nothing like TEN on the market today. It is based on science and cutting-edge technologythe complexity is behind the program so it remains simple on the front-end for a great user experience, states Klein.

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