New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. Provides Tips On How To Utilize Protein Powder To Reach Health Goals

Orland Park, Illinois (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

Protein powder can play a significant role in increasing strength and building muscle, aid in reaching a desired weight loss goal or helping supplement a healthier diet, began Diana Sourek, MS, CNC, Certified Gluten Practitioner, and Manager, New Vitality Health Foods, Inc.

Benefits Of Protein Powder

1. Muscle Building and Increase Strength

Numerous studies show that protein powder can help increase strength, and gain muscle while helping lose body fat. (1) Adequate protein and carbohydrate intake is needed before, during, and after a rigorous exercise regime. In fact, a sign protein intake may be too low is if the athlete feels unusually fatigued, feel weak during strenuous activity, or recover slowly from injuries. Without adequate protein, the body cannot put together the structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ, nor can it generate the biochemical substances needed for cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, growth, and healing.

2. Weight Loss and Meal Replacement

If the goal is to lose body fat, select a protein powder that is mainly protein has fewer carbohydrates, and low in fat. Make sure the product is more than 50% protein if the goal is to lose body fat. Portion control is a major problem for many people, and since protein powders have controlled portions of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates it makes them a convenient option. Additionally, protein will keep a dieter feeling full for longer than other types of foods.

3. Dietary Supplement and Other Benefits of A High Protein Diet

For someone who is on a restricted diet and whose protein intake is inadequate, supplementing with a protein powder may be necessary. This is especially important for those who suffer from chronic illness and the elderly. Older Americans often eat less protein than they need for proper health and nutrition. Severe protein deficiency in the diet can lead to impaired delayed wound healing, loss of lean body mass and is even found to be a contributing factor for depression, as well as blood pressure and blood sugar issues. (2) Introducing a protein powder drink supplement can also provide added caloric intake.

When it comes to protein powders, buyers really do have a diverse choice. Selecting the appropriate protein powder can be confusing. Knowing their differences and the advantages each type of protein power can yield is an initial step that needs to be explored, Sourek added.

Types of Protein Powders

Whey protein powder is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey. Whey is the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. Whey protein contains a healthy range of amino acids that are absorbed quickly. Whey protein has become a favorite supplement for those seeking to put on muscle and enhance their physiques as well as improve their health. Because whey protein powder is derived from milk, it is not an option for someone with a dairy intolerance. Consuming too much whey protein too fast can cause digestive issues. Protein powders made from whey tend to be creamier and mix better.

Plant based protein powders stem from a broad range of ingredients that typically can include soy, hemp, pea, and brown rice protein. Plant based protein powders have many benefits for health and fitness, for all diets and lifestyles. It provides a convenient source of protein for vegetarians and others who follow restricted diets. It is easily digested, making it an excellent alternative for anyone with a sensitive stomach. There are a variety of plant based protein powders available. Some are made with more of an emphasis on one particular protein, such as brown rice protein. It is important to read the ingredients carefully.

Vegan protein powder blends have become an increasingly popular choice, harnessing the power of hemp, peas, rice, quinoa and more all in the same bottle. The result is a gluten free, dairy free and soy free supplement that can nutritionally stand up against animal-based products, without users having to worry about amino acid deficiencies or upset stomach.

Sourek continued, I stress to my customers the importance of reading the label carefully to ensure they select a protein supplement that will clearly help them achieve their goal. Key things to look for are the amount of protein per serving, carbohydrates, sugars, preservatives, calories and to be mindful of any allergy considerations they may have.

New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. carries a wide selection of protein powder supplements. The experienced New Vitality team, are eager to learn about their customers health goals, and help select a protein powder that will help achieve them.




About New Vitality Health Foods, Inc.:

Established in 1988, New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. provides Chicagolands largest selection of allergy-free foods that have met their high standards for taste, quality, and nutrition. New allergy-free foods are introduced weekly. They also carry frozen foods, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic, aromatherapy, body care, pet care, household items and much more. New Vitality features only the highest quality, effective nutritional supplements to support their customers total health. New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. is located at Orland Park Crossing, 14225 S. 95th Avenue Suite 410, Orland Park IL, 60462. (708) 403-0120

In Light of Recent News, The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Provides Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

According to an article published by New Haven Register on Sept. 16, the state Medical Examining Board ordered an employee of Laser55 to stop using a device used to heat fat during weight loss surgery based on accusations that she was engaging in the unlawful practice of medicine.

According to the article, although the employee was certified in using the device, she is not a doctor and was not being properly supervised by a licensed physician during use. The Connecticut medical malpractice lawyers of The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC note that the article brings up an important message for consumers.

The West Hartford case is a good reminder that when it comes to weight-loss interventions, consumers should beware of marketing hype. Always make sure physicians and personnel have the proper licensing, experience and training to perform the procedure in question, said Russell Berkowitz of The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC. Bariatric surgery carries certain risks and should only be performed by experienced surgeons and hospitals that have the expertise to minimize such risks.

As with all surgical procedures, weight loss surgery comes with its own set of risks. Berkowitz notes that because of the risks unique to bariatric surgery, surgeons and their staffs must operate with a certain standard of care to protect the safety of their patients. When these standards of care are jeopardized, serious injury can occur.

The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC provides the following tips for consumers that are considering weight loss surgery:

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SlimPlate System of Portion Control Announces Tips to Manage Diabetes in Summer Heat

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

The team behind the proven SlimPlate System of weight loss have today revealed their tips and tricks for dealing with diabetes during the summer months in a new series of ask the experts and it all comes down to portion control.

SlimPlate System is a unique method of portion control that can help to trigger weight loss and keep it off ideal for those who suffer from diabetes and need to maintain a controlled diet in order to keep their blood sugar levels steady. Now the experts behind the portion control plates have offered their tips for diabetes sufferers during the summer season, when it can be only too tempting to reach for a sugary snack or gorge on fruit in the heat.

Dr. Myo Nwe, the physician who invented the SlimPlate System says, Diabetes is a tricky condition to manage, but controlling portions using methods like ours can be a very effective way of maintaining blood sugar levels. People rarely feel like eating heavy stews or carb-laden dishes when the temperature rises, and our collection of dinnerware can help those with diabetes control their portions sensibly throughout the summer season.

The first tip from the team at SlimPlate System is for diabetes sufferers to carry a method of portion control with them at all times. Whether its a small cup to measure out fruit portions or a personal plate that they can measure their food intake on, its important that whether theyre attending a barbecue or a summer garden party, they are still in control of their food.

Secondly, for those who dont have access to fresh fruit and just want to reach for a sugar snack, ensure that they are still eating to the recommended portions. Using the SlimPlate System means that no foods are ruled out, but for diabetes sufferers its important to strictly monitor the intake when it comes to sweet snacks and treats.

Dr. Myo Nwe strongly advocates remaining hydrated at all times. Dehydration, or the loss of body fluids, can occur when blood glucose is not under control for diabetes sufferers. Alcohol intake should be limited as much as possible, and caffeine-free fluids should be ingested often to remain hydrated and keep glucose levels consistent. For those who are really craving a fizzy, sugary soda, its vital to stick to recommended portions using measuring tools like those provided by SlimPlate System.

The unique weight loss and portion control method, SlimPlate System, also advocates eating often. The plan includes three meals and two snacks every day, which is very

beneficial for those who are managing diabetes. The experts at SlimPlate System also encourage diabetes sufferers to check their blood glucose levels multiple times a day to be sure that their levels are within the acceptable boundaries. Its also important to remember to carry portion-controlled snacks at all time to boost blood sugars if they should dip during a hot day.

To find out more about SlimPlate System, visit the website:

About SlimPlate System:

SlimPlate System is a four-stage weight loss program that shuns deprivation for portion control. The system, which has been designed by physicians and proven by research, is easy to implement and maintain, with no calorie counting, costly supplements or juice fads.

Ready to Sculpt Your Body This Summer? Plastic Surgeon Dr. Elan B. Singer With Advanced Dermatology PC Explains Liposuction and Offers Tips On This Popular Treatment

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Many people work out religiously and then exercise even more but find that certain body areas just didnt get the message to trim down accordingly. Liposuction, or SmartLipo depending on the technique used, is especially useful for them or for anyone who wants to reward themselves with a more flattering, streamlined appearance, according to Plastic Surgeon Elan B. Singer, M.D. with Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery.

Permanently removing fat deposits that develop between skin and muscle tissue on many parts of the body, liposuctions ability to offer a slimmer, shapelier physique has skyrocketed its popularity in recent years. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction replaced breast augmentation in 2013 as the most frequently performed elective surgery, with nearly 364,000 liposuction procedures done a 16 percent increase.

Liposuction isnt a fix for obesity or a weight control method, but it can improve your appearance and self-esteem for a lifetime when combined with exercise and a proper diet, comments Joshua Fox, MD, medical director of Advanced Dermatology P.C. When a healthy, active lifestyle doesnt contour your body the way you wish, liposuction is a great tool to finish the job.

Who does liposuction help?

Although excess fat may collect in different areas in men and women, common locations include the waist, hips, thighs, back, upper arms, buttocks, calves, chin, jowls and neck. Dr. Singer notes that those who can particularly benefit from the procedure include: