High Performance Brain Magazine Celebrates One Year on the iTunes App Store

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

With the release of its 7th issue in January 2015, High Performance Brain Magazine is proud to celebrate its One Year Anniversary on iTunes. This bimonthly digital magazine is available at the iTunes App Store under two categories: (1) Newsstand (Health, Mind & Body) and (2) Health and Fitness. Magazine issues are viewable on iPads or iPhones and automatically default to the ideal display mode depending on the device used a graphic-friendly format for iPads versus a text-friendly format for iPhones.

In the cover story of anniversary issue #7, Dr. Daniel G. Amen (a clinical neuroscientist, double board certified psychiatrist, brain imaging expert, and multiple New York Times bestselling author) outlines his best prescriptions for living a brain healthy life. Other articles in this issue include: “Your Brain on Chocolate: Brain-boosting benefits of eating dark chocolate,” “Brain Myth Busting 101: Why we use way more than 10% of our brain,” “You Snooze, You Lose: 4 tips for putting your snooze button addiction to rest forever,” and “The Musical Brain: Listening to music lights up your whole brain.” Issue #7 also includes the first in a series of live online brain training classes.

Back issues of High Performance Brain Magazine have featured a wide ranging menu of brain health approaches, such as: physical exercise, mindfulness, nutrient-dense super foods, sleep science, memory enhancement, musical training, stress reduction, and frontal lobe practices.

High Performance Brain Magazine is considered a premiere digital guide for optimizing brain health/longevity and brain fitness/performance because of the high calibre of its contributing authors. The tips and strategies offered in this magazine are written by the world’s top neuroscientists, doctors, neuropsychiatrists, and brain health experts. These world class scientists draw their information from up-to-date research in the frontiers of neuroplasticity, brain health, neurological rehabilitation, memory enhancement, and brain training systems. Cultivating an optimal state of brain performance using science-based practices can, over time, lead to cognitive benefits such as: better mental clarity, focus, concentration, memory power, and productivity.

Prominent neuroscientists say we’re in the midst of a “Neuroplasticity Revolution” because new research on the complex workings of the brain is being released at an unprecedented pace. The idea of ‘brain plasticity’ or ‘neuroplasticity’ the brains ability to adapt and rewire itself in response to new experiences and novel learning is the single “most important change in our understanding of the brain since the beginning of modern science, says Norman Doidge, New York Times bestselling author of “The Brain That Changes Itself.”

The Calories In and Calories Out Blog Celebrates Its First Year

Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Many highly successful cookbooks are launched after a blog or website with a zillion followers has established a market for the product. One recent example would be the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook. The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook did things a little backwards. The companion website and blog, [The Calories In and Calories Out Blog were established while the book was still being written.

Keeping in line with the mission of the book, author and blogger,Catherine Jones, posts two stories a week. Her goal is to increase calorie awareness while giving readers practical and sustainable tools to make a healthy lifestyle a reality. She showcases her decades of expertise in the Cooking Tips and recipes. Some examples of the Cooking Tips include things like how to roast the perfect chicken, whip cream, and grow an herb garden. Shopping Tips guide you on how to choose a juicy watermelon or lemon and how to make the salad bar your best friend. Super foods give in depth information on blueberries, oranges, and yes, even dark chocolate. The Nutrition Tidbits, researched by co-author Elaine Trujillo, MS RDN, include 20 low-calorie hunger busters, high-calcium low-fat dairy products, and the amazing benefits of green tea. The new Diabetes Corner helps diabetics choose the best foods and resources. Guest bloggers are invited.

The recipes are a highlight. They feature scrumptious oat-flour waffles and hearty mixed-grain pancakes, pasta salad with sun-dried tomato pesto, gently cooked gazpacho, homemade salad dressings, salmon patties, chicken tenders, flank steak with honey glazed onion, and strawberry short cakes. Catherine’s directions are clear and the outcome is always amazing.

Other books by Catherine Jones are also featured: Eating for Pregnancy: An Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today’s Mothers-to-Be and Eating for Lower Cholesterol: A Balanced Approach to Heart Health with Recipes Everyone Will Love.

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Fairwood Health & Body Transition Flattens Fat with Lipo-Light Non-Surgical Cellulite Deflater to Help Locals with New Year Resolutions to Lose Weight and Inches

Toledo, OH (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

Each year, the month of January draws out frustrated dieters looking for effective technology to help them flatten cellulite and lose inches packed on by overeating holiday treats. This year, locals in Toledo can make their resolutions come true by enjoying all of the cellulite-busting services offered at Fairwood Health & Body Transition.

Lipo-Light is the answer everyone is looking for to reduce cellulite, says Dr. Peisley, Founder and Clinic Director. Specifically designed to target fat, it works with absolutely no pain or downtime. Best of all, you see immediate results. It even allows you to relax while it does all of the work. After my patients drop a dress size and flatten their belly fat, they always come back for more and bring their friends. Repeat business is the greatest compliment.

The technology is based on the pioneering cold light research of NASA and leading clinicians. Lipo-Light does not use surgery, lasers, heat, freezing, ultrasound cavitation, microwaves, or RF. The entire process works in a simple, yet highly effective way. The red light generated by the Lipo-Light system safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by fat cells. This stimulation open pores in the fat cells breaking down its contents and allowing the fat to escapea process known as lypolysis. Fat cells will then deflate while the excess fat is safely removed by the bodys natural metabolic process.

Lipo-Light offers a safe and effective spot fat reduction solution that can be applied to many problem areas such as, waistline, belly, back, buttocks, thighs and arms. Patients can relax in a comfortable position while a trained Lipo-Light technician secures light paddles to the target area. In 20-minute intervals, patients are free to relax, read and listen to music. Immediately after each treatment session, patients may resume normal activities including exercise.

Fairwood Health & Body Transition is Toledos most revolutionary weight loss center and spa. Founded by Jason Peisley, D.C., Founder and Clinic Director of Fairwood Chiropractic, Fairwood Health & Body Transition is putting into action a proven, safe and natural Total Body System to shed unwanted pounds, rejuvenate health and transform lives. Without the need for shots or drugs, the Fairwood Health & Body Transitions Total Body System is specifically designed to uncover and put an end to the underlying conditions that continually sabotage weight loss efforts. These discoveries are made through a comprehensive health evaluation and delivered as a personalized program. The companys pioneering approach to long-term weight loss and enhanced nutrition combines holistic solutions and the most advanced cellulite-busting weight loss tools and behavior modification under one roof. As a result, clients burn fat, stop cravings and lose weight while restoring their health.

Attention Press: Please contact Christa Kantner at 727-372-9136 or email christa(at)burnfattoledo(dot)com for a “must-read” MEDIA KIT, images of Dr. Peisley, and to schedule an interview with Dr. Peisley.

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The Harley Medical Group – New Year, New You?

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 January 2014

We all know that December is the month of over-indulgence, and January is traditionally known as the month of resolutions to get healthier and into better shape. But if youre unhappy with your body proportion, or youve lost weight but have been left with loose skin, why not look into available surgical options now, in order to start the New Year with a personal goal to make you look and feel great?

Are you aware of the results a Tummy Tuck can achieve? Or whether Liposuction is a suitable option for you? The Harley Medical Group has put together a simple description of each surgical procedure, to identify if youre a suitable candidate.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Medically known as an Abdominoplasty, it is a surgical procedure performed to repair and reposition damaged, stretched abdominal muscles with internal stitches, as well as tighten excess skin. At The Harley Medical Group, an extensive aftercare programme is put in place to ensure your recovery and transition post-procedure is as best

Who is it suitable for?

Tummy Tucks are generally performed to remove excess loose skin and fatty tissue which is left behind following childbirth for mothers or significant weight loss for both women and men. The procedure is not designed to be used as a weight loss tool, but to tighten the stomach muscles and skin to give it a much firmer, smoother, flatter appearance.

Whats the first step?

We recommend having done your own research into Tummy Tucks the first step is to book in for a free consultation with a qualified medical professional. This will allow the Cosmetic Nurse or Cosmetic Surgeon to assess your suitability, answer any questions you may have and talk you through your best options

Liposuction/Fat Removal surgery

What is Liposuction?

Using a very fine tube called a cannula, attached to very powerful vacuum device, enables stubborn pockets of fat to remove the fat cells quickly and efficiently. Almost any area of the body can be treated but the most common areas are the thighs, buttocks, upper arms, stomach, chin, and knees.


Who is it suitable for?

As with Tummy Tucks, this procedure is not suitable as a quick-fix to weight loss. Instead its designed to sculpt areas of the body by removing fatty deposits from people who are at or close to their optimum weight to achieve a more proportionate body shape.

Whats the first step?

As with all Cosmetic Surgery, we recommend you do some research into Liposuction prior to booking in for a free consultation with a qualified Medical Professional. This will enable the Cosmetic Nurse or Cosmetic Surgeon to assess your suitability, answer any questions you may have and talk you through your best options.

Start the New Year as you mean to go on, with a plan to ensure you look and feel great to enjoy 2014!

For further information and for more detailed FAQs on liposuction and tummy tucks visit http://www.harleymedical.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery-for-women/the-body/liposuctionfat-removal-liposculpture/, http://www.harleymedical.co.uk/cosmetic-surgery-for-women/the-body/tummy-tuck–abdominoplasty/, or http://www.harleymedical.co.uk.

About The Harley Medical Group

The Harley Medical Group, established in 1983, has been one of the UKs leading providers of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin treatments for 30 years. There are 21 clinic locations across the UK, including London (Harley Street, Chiswick, The City, Wimbledon) Watford, Marlow, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Chester, Nottingham, Southampton, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Northampton, Cambridge, Maidstone and Liverpool.

The Group is fully committed to offering the most comprehensive range of treatments, including breast reduction and breast enlargement, face surgery, laser hair removal and treatments for stretch marks & scars. All clinics are registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC) or The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) and all surgeons are registered with The General Medical Council (GMC).

A dedicated strong team of Cosmetic Surgery Nurses, Cosmetic Surgeons, and Doctors along with their commitment to each and every patient is one of the Groups greatest assets. The Groups number one goal is to look after all patients, offering the highest standards of care at all times.

For more information about The Harley Medical Group, please visit: http://www.harleymedical.co.uk/.


The Harley Medical Group

Janice Dwumfour

Company Contact


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The Health and Wellness Center of Fountain Hills, AZ, Offers New Weight Loss Program for the Holidays and New Year

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

The Health and Wellness Center of Fountain Hills, AZ, is offering the FirstLine Therapy Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program for the Holidays and New Year according to according to Lindsey Szczepanski, the Centers Womens Health Nurse Practitioner.

“The Health and Wellness Center of Fountain Hills has incorporated a new weight loss program called Healthy Transformation Weight Loss program designed by Metagenics, says Szczepanski. Metagenics completed a 12-week study proving that participants were able to lose significant weight and continue to keep the weight off after completely the program. It is designed to speed up metabolism so you can burn fat and not muscle.

Szczepanski, who is a Board Certified Womens Health Nurse Practitioner, says she realizes many people struggle with weight issues during the Holidays and make them a focus for New Years resolutions. She says the Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program is a perfect gift for Christmas, or the perfect tool for a New Years weight loss resolution.

The weight loss program is easy to follow and provides high quality nutrient-rich products to help support healthy weight loss, says Szczepanski. And though many weight loss programs out there only temporarily help you lose weight, or you gain it all back after stopping the program, the Healthy Transformation Weight Loss program helps you to learn lifestyle modifications for long-term success. Our clients are excited about this program and are already seeing results.”

For more information about the Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program, contact the Health and Wellness Center of Fountain Hills.

About the Health and Wellness Center of Fountain Hills:

The Health and Wellness Center of Fountain Hills opened in January of 2013 and was founded by Dr. Matthew J. Hummel.

Dr. Hummel is also the President and Owner of Fountain Hills Family Practice, PC, a full-service primary care medical operation that has been serving the Fountain Hills community since 2002.

Dr. Hummel received his Bachelor of Science at Michigan State University. He is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Hummel completed his Family Practice Residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. He was voted a Top Doc by his Arizona colleagues in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

About Lindsey Szczepanski:

Lindsey Szczepanski is a Board Certified Womens Health Nurse Practitioner specializing in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and thyroid disorders. Lindsey completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through the University of North Dakota and worked in high-risk Labor and Delivery in Las Vegas and North Dakota for over 5 years.

Lindsey has worked in different settings such as Gynecology, Womens Health, Internal Medicine, and Family Planning; all of which have offered major contributions to her approach to health care. Lindsey believes in providing high-quality, non-judgmental care to all while taking the time to listen to each concern. Lindsey has dedicated herself to being current in advances in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and providing safe hormone replacement, including hormone pellet therapy that has been around since 1930s.

Lindsey has also obtained exclusive training at the National Laser Institute for anti-aging treatments including Botox, Dysport, and Dermal Filler injections. Not only is Lindsey up-to-date with current hormone replacement therapies and anti-aging medical aesthetics injection techniques, she provides natural weight loss supplements to help promote weight loss in individuals needing extra assistance in their weight-loss efforts.

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Very Inspirational weight Loss Video: The Man Who Lost 165 LBS of Body Fat In 1 Year! Before & After

Call Diet Doc today to get a customized weight loss program just for you! 1(866) 614-7751 DietDoc offers a 500 Calorie Meal Plan designed weight loss program…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Thanks for watching, Please like, comment & subscribe ♡ FIND ME: ✽ Instagram: doodoogirl808 ✽ Twitter: twitter.com/_alexusrap WIEGHTLOSS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: htt…

TEN – The New Way to Start the New Year

(PRWEB) December 20, 2013

How can eating well and being active be easy and fun? When you make it a game and challenge yourself to Be TEN. TEN is an online wellness and weight management program created with a fun approach, scoring 1 to 10, where 10 is the ultimate goal.

The plan was developed as an easy way for people to track progress as they make good choices and take a small hit when they make poor choices, but to not defeat their aspirations in the process. Both plans for WELL and WEIGHT are accommodated with TEN as YOU set your own goals and TEN leads you in the proper direction. Eat + Do = BE and we all aspire to Be TEN!

The goal-driven TEN program was designed with the latest web-based tracking technology; participants log what they eat and do and keep score with 10 as the goal, thus seeing positive impact in a short amount of time.

TEN was developed by Laura Klein, a professional nutritionist and IT expert, triathlete, wife and mother of two school-aged daughters. She lives and understands the time demands of todays hectic schedules and how they play havoc with maintaining a healthy and balanced life. It originated with a simple goal of enticing people to eat more fruit and vegetables, then evolved as a way to promote healthy lifestyles through reward and success, rather than calorie counting or dieting.

http://www.beten.com provides not only a drag and drop logging method, but a wealth of beneficial information with its Impact Factor section so people can make reasoned choices about what they eat and do. The program is based on USDA Daily Recommended Servings of important food groups, so there are no special diets and no calorie or fat counting.

You eat good food and you keep moving, says Klein, That is how you reach TEN! There are rewards for getting the proper amount of sleep, high and low intensity exerciseeven having sex can score you credits toward earning a perfect 10. Food also earns creditsmore for whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables, and less for sweet desserts or drinks, though they are recognized as being a part of some peoples diets. Even one or two glasses of alcohol are OK, but more will cost a fraction of your total score.

Its like a game, Klein explains, We wanted it to be funrealistic and not tedious, and it works! Small modifications make big impacts in healthy lifestyles.

Kleins expertise in software development, coupled with her Master of Science degree in Food & Nutrition, propelled the concept as she focused on creating a user-friendly program, geared to todays mobile, online-based lifestyles. The icons make the program multi-cultural and easy to understandeven for those less computer-savvy.

Monthly plans vary and are affordableespecially as there are no special foods or equipment to purchase. TEN is success-driven, based on the individuals life and choices. TEN programs are individually designed from the preferences and input of each individual. As achievements and goals change, the plan is adapted for a WELL or WEIGHT program. You choose and you aspire to TEN each day.

There is nothing like TEN on the market today. It is based on science and cutting-edge technologythe complexity is behind the program so it remains simple on the front-end for a great user experience, states Klein.

For further information, please visit http://www.beten.com

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The Year of Healthy Living: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Google Tech Talks March, 4 2008 ABSTRACT Nutrition and lifestyle choices Speaker: Dr. Stacie Maurer
Video Rating: 3 / 5

I am turning my second channel, youtube.com/projectstrength into a healthy eating channel. Like the Strength Project Food network haha. But anyways, mame sure you go over to that channel and subscribe. So youtube.com/strengthproject will continue to be the fitness/tutorial pase that it is, and youtube.com/projectstrength will be the healthy eats.
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