Tanita Scales Featuring Weight Loss Tools

electronicbathroomscale.net Tanita scales have features that help you keep track of weight goals. They do this while still looking attractive in your bathroom decor.
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www.KaSundance.com As I haven’t been in the United States for some years now, I was very shocked to see how big everything here is. Not only the streets and the cars, the malls and properties but also the meals people eat and people itself. As I honestly think that the United States of America is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, I must do this show here and provide some good information about how to do natural and effective weight loss. Losing weight is one of the most important things on your way to optimal health. Please watch this video and get some good ideas about it!

26 thoughts on “Tanita Scales Featuring Weight Loss Tools

  1. Fantastic video! by the way my friend followed this popular diet routine called: Impact 790 Diet and dropped 5 kgs within just a month. I don’t remember the actual website just Google it.

  2. Obesity is increasing WORLDWIDE. Did you know there is a WORLDWIDE epidemic of obesity in 3 month old INFANTS ?

    Obesity is extremely complex. Gut microbiota, toxins, genetics, medications, common cold viruses, adenovirus 36, malnutrition , in utero nutrient exposure , and diseases, and lack of sleep are ALL connected and contributors.

  3. Studies of international samples of monozygotic twins reared apart, as well as adoption studies soundly and solidly demonstrate that obesity’s heritablity is absolutely MASSIVE.

    As Dr. Jeffrey Friedman has shown at least 10 % of all morbidly obese cases are due to SINGLE GENE DEFECTS. There is strong reason to believe that number is significantly more according to Dr/ Friedman. There are MANY ASSUMPTIONS about obesity

    Watch Urgelt ‘s obesity video and Dr. Jeffrey Friedman’s lecture

  4. Every year science discovers more things connected to  obesity – none of them behavioral.

    There are no simple solutions to obesity. Obesity is hellishly complex, and body fat levels are controlled by the adipostat involving hypothalamus. Your set point is actively defended.

    People like Manuel Uribe cannot currently be helped. Diets are a DEAD END. And exercise is for HEALTH, NOT weight loss.

    In studies exercise is VERY POOR for weight loss. RAZWELL has the references.

  5. The heritability of obesity is almost equal to that of height. It surpasses all other conditions, with the possible exception of height alone. And it might possibly eual it.
    The studies are NOT showing increased physical activity to be effective to treat obesity. In fact, it’s a wretched failure There are many hard working and deidcated exercisers who are overweight and obese.

    Look up RAZWELL’s obesity blog. Dr. Jeffrey Friedman ( top obesity scientist ) is featured.

  6. Ka, it is so ingrained in our culture here. I had a woman accuse me of child abuse for raising my healthy son as a vegetarian eating whole organic foods. The woman accusing me of this was morbidly obese, and her children were being raised on kool aid and frozen chicken nuggets. Go figure.

  7. Ka, you came all this way from Costa Rica and they couldn’t even have you stay in that huge home you had the talk at??? You had to stay at a hotel? wow,, that’s seems wrong. You are a treasure. Thank you for your honesty and love… we really do need to be responsible for our own health. Thanks for the info you share. And thanks that you share what you know.

  8. hey ka- beautiful to see you california! yes, the people here are extremely obese.. all over america (believe it or not, there are places in america much higher in obesity than LA). enjoy all of your seminars. i have been busy and have not had time to catch up on your videos.. talk soon :-) much love…

  9. I have dropped 180 lbs in the past 15 months by going vegetarian and lifting weights. I still have 80 more to go and hope to do it by dec. Green smoothies help me a lot 

  10. lmao its funny how youre talking about bad food while there is a fat mexican walking in the background with a coffee that is probably loaded with it.. kinda should of said “eat or drink sugar and you’ll end up like that person behind me” haha

  11. I distanced myself from television/ media in 2009. I’ve lost over 100lbs since then. I have done many other things but that was one of the easiest changes. If you do not watch tv you do not watch commercials that make you want food.

  12. Your honesty comes wrapped in love, Ka. Thank you and sending lots of love your way, too.

  13. Welcome to America, Ka, welcome to America. I have been sick my whole life with all of the overweight people here, makes me disgraced to be American. Any studies on your organic food claim?

  14. I think Americans know tons about health and how to lose weight. There is something else going on here. Something that is a human experience. For example. it is known that when slim people from other countries immigrate to the U.S., they statisticaly become fat like average Americans are.

  15. Ka, I appreciate your honesty. Too often people are politically correct and the truth isn’t told. Several years ago when I moved from NJ to less-metropolitan eastern PA I was shocked at how heavy the people here are. But you get used to it after awhile; it starts to seem the norm. I myself slowly started to gain weight without even realizing it. When I finally stepped on the scale a year ago, I was so shocked at the number I saw that I took action. It’s taken me a year to lose 20 lbs.

  16. I’ve found over the years that the best way for me to bring down weight was to eat properly for 3 days before starting any exercise, because I would not have the proper energy or stamina in my body yet. After that, exercise was a pleasure :) Wonderful video!


    God bless

  18. Oh Ka, Its always so depressing when someone discovers America’s dirty little secret. Actually I thought everyone already knew how fat Americans are. Please do not feel bad for talking about it. We all need to be talking about it. Where I live most people are educated and more concious. But when I travel into rural areas…I see a lot of fat people. Nutrition classes should be mandatory in schools and fast food should be outlawed.

  19. Ka, child obesity: This should be child abuse. It’s the parents responsibility to feed a child healthy food and monitor the child’s eating habits. A good parent would not let a child smoke or drink so why eat toxins and overeat? The child will have weight problems and emotional and psychological problem for the rest of that child’s life as a result of the neglect of the parents. Sorry people, this is tough love, but its truth. Make a change!

  20. Part 3 (melamine) – understand that China is also adulterating soy proteins, rice proteins and milk proteins like casein, milk powder, etc with melamine. Again they do this to fool protein tests that determine how much money they can get for their products. Wake up people! Eat whole foods or suffer the consequences. Even food products that say USA on them usually have ingredients from China. It’s criminal. Our labeling laws need to be changed.

  21. Part 2 (wheat gluten/melamine) – the melamine that China adulterates wheat gluten with to fool protein tests to determine the grade of the wheat gluten will destroy the kidneys. Google “melamine kidneys” and learn why so many people in the world are now suffering from kidney problems. Even 5 year old children in the US are getting kidney stones. It’s gotten so bad we are now building pediatric kidney centers at hospitals. This is inexcusable people. We’re eating toxic ingredients from China