Weight Loss Struggle & New Tools – Week 2 Video Update from Michelle Tennant Nicholson

Michelle Tennant Nicholson continues her YouTube video update from her treadmill desk regarding her participation in Jillian Michael’s 2011 “Be the Change” challenge. In week two, she’s lost no weight, has had a good cry session and is back in action with new tools like a Taylor portable handheld body fat analyzer and MIO heart rate monitor. She addresses her new friends around the world in Melbourne, Australia and answers their questions about how she’s using the portion control “Yum Yum Dishes” (www.yumyumdish.com

11-29-09 Weigh - In, Part 2: Two IMPORTANT Tools I use for my weight loss

A Health journal, in which I record all my thoughts and feelings about losing weight and the ups and downs of the journey. And a weight loss data notebook, in which I keep track of all my weight loss to date and the goals I’ve set for the future.

20 thoughts on “Weight Loss Struggle & New Tools – Week 2 Video Update from Michelle Tennant Nicholson

  1. Thank you for your video. I am purchasing a heart rate monitor as we speak! Please don’t cry. I am also working on myself to get more healthy

  2. You are so welcome. I do like that device — you know I’ve had it for several years and I’m now realizing it’s an alternative measure to the scale. I am also taking my measurements! See you next week (or sooner) – Michelle

  3. It is normal not to lose weight when you first start something due to stress and other things so don’t beat yourself up over it try making the you feel better about yourself part the major goal and weight loss a benifit of that goal like taking a long bath or doing your nails? I’m not to into those things but my counciler say’s I should be! Spending time on you is good not only for your feelings but your stress level too! Good Luck! I will be checking in! YOU CAN DO IT I KNOW YOU CAN!!! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention – I feel special! Sorry to see you so disheartened by the numbers on the scale. Perhaps you’ve lost fat and gained a little muscle? I usually avoid the scales like the plague and go by how my clothes are fitting. (Me = happy, as slightly looser this week.) I’m impressed by your handheld fat detector thingamy – very snazzy. Good luck, keep persisting, and I’m sure you’ll start seeing results very soon. Oh, thanks for explaining your bowl system to me (here & on other vid).

  5. You are fortunate to have a great shape and pleasing proportions to your body- in other words “banging!” I understand your concerns and the goal is to be, long-term, the healthiest you can be.
    P.S. You were not pulling your punches with the straight-on photo angle ;) (Alicia and Jennifer would never consent to anything less than the 3/4 angle!)
    You’re beautiful, generous and very intelligent- you can do whatever you set your mind to.
    “The mind forms the body” Sojourner Truth

  6. Youre doing an excellent job with those tools. I understand looking back at old pics for motivation. I’ve been doing that recently and while I’m disappointed I even got that big, I’m glad I’m not there anymore. I have come a long way in my eating, self-image, and endurance…and so have you. Keep striving for your ultimate goal…youre doing GREAT!

  7. Thanks for sharing your tools, you have some really great ideas, I like your journal.

  8. Thank you for this great video! I’m too beginning my journey and I plan to write in a journal as well! Thanks so much for the inspiration

  9. These are great ideas especially putting the pics inside your journal. I think I’m going to try these, thanks for sharing!

  10. good for you almost 225=D yey^^ I love the idea, I should try it when I get that far, both the jurnal and the data book=)

  11. Good for you! These are great ideas to keep oneself on target. Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration in so many ways.